Privacy Policy Of AdWork Tracker

  • AdWork Tracker respects the privacy of its users and is fully committed to protecting their personal data. This Privacy Policy explains how AdWorkTracker (“AdWorkTracker ”, “we”, “us”, “our”) and our affiliates process information about individuals, including personal data, in relation to the use of the website and the real-time time tracking service that analyzes productivity.

  • Scope

    This Privacy Policy sets out how AdWorkTracker collects, retains, and uses information, including personal data (“Personal Data”) and non-identifiable data, about Service users and Site visitors. This Privacy Policy also covers data that TAdWorkTracker collects in-person, for instance at business conferences and trade shows, or through client support.

    When you interact with us through the Site or the Service, we may collect Personal Data and other information from you, as further described below.

  • The data we collect

    AdWorkTracker Time Tracker collects data in two places:

    • Our public website
    • The Time Tracking desktop application
  • The data information may include your
    • full name
    • email address
    • the photo of your account (optional)
    • screen captures (optional)*
    • amount of keystrokes and mouse clicks*
    • **ONLY when Time Tracker is on.

  • If you choose one of our paid memberships, we will also collect your credit card number, as it appears on your card, which will be transmitted via SSL encryption to our merchant provider.

  • While using our web and desktop applications, we may use the name of projects, the project tags, start and deadline dates, time used on each project of each employee, the screenshots of your screen, mouse clicks and keyboard activity. Please note that we just count the amount of the mouse clicks and keystrokes and we do not record what you type or where you click.

  • The screenshots and the amount of your work activity will be visible to you and anyone who manages you on particular project, to the owner of the project and to the client.

  • Please note, that AdWork Tracker tracks your screen and activity only when you start the desktop application.

  • Note also that we only collect this data for providing you a service and we are obligated not to share the above mentioned information with anyone who is not your manager, owner of the particular project or the client.

  • Please note that you are providing your information to AdWork Tracker to receive the service. We affirm that we are not going to rent or sell any of your information or data we own.

  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.